Business Savings account products from Dime Bank

Money Market Savings Accounts

Dime Business Banking provides you with the account that’s the right choice for any business owner who wants access to cash without sacrificing security or returns. The greater your balance, the higher the rate you will receive on either of our money market accounts.

Business Prime Rewards Money Market Account
Dime rewards you for your relationship with our highest money market rates in this account. Maintain an active Freedom Business Checking Account, and you automatically qualify for a Business Prime Rewards Money Market Account.

Business Rewards Money Market Account
With our traditional money market account, you receive competitive, variable interest rates, with higher rates for higher balances.

Both Business Prime Rewards and Business Rewards Money Market accounts provide these important benefits:
Receive a tiered, variable interest rate that is compounded daily and credited monthly
You earn a competitive interest rate on your funds
Safe and secure; FDIC-insured
Just a $2,500 average daily balance to avoid a $10 monthly fee
Write up to six checks per statement cycle*
Link your account to any Dime Business Banking checking account and
make fast, easy transfers online or by phone

 *  A total of six transfers or payments in the aggregate per monthly cycle (this includes pre-authorized, automatic, and telephone transfers, and transfers by check, draft, POS debit, or similar order).

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