Savings Products from Dime Bank in New York

Student Savings Accounts

A savings account for students that earns interest from day of deposit to day of withdrawal. All transactions are recorded on a monthly statement or in a passbook.

Student Savings Account Features & Benefits:
Your balance earns a variable interest rate.
Interest is compounded daily.
It’s a joint account so parents or guardians can contribute to the account
(at age 15, the student can have an individual account with parental consent).
Withdrawals require the signature of student and parent or guardian until student reaches age 18
(or 15, if parent or guardian release joint signature requirement in writing).
We'll automatically convert your Student Savings Account to a regular Dime Savings Account on your 23rd birthday, or upon graduation from an accredited college or university. No need to change accounts.
Unlimited FREE deposits and withdrawals.
Free Dime ATM Card (parental consent requirement for ages 15 to 17) and Free Dime Debit Visa® Card
(ages 18 and older only) available on all statement type accounts (checking account also required).
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