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Smart Solutions¹ for Attorneys and Law Firms

Dime Community Bank is a leading business bank and commercial lender in New York. We’re also a Small Business Administration (SBA) Preferred Lender in New York. For over 155 years, we’ve been helping local businesses succeed.

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The right people and access

At Dime, law firms and attorneys will experience easy access and a quick response. Our dedicated relationship managers are always within reach. We provide proactive thinking, a quick turnaround on all your requests, and bankers that roll up their sleeves to help you grow your business and meet your financial goals.

The right process

We believe the best answers are those that come from understanding your unique requirements. We put in the time to get to know your business by listening to your needs, dreams and goals before offering a single piece of financial advice. And our customized financial solutions evolve with the needs of your firm or practice.

The right products and solutions¹

Because of our experience working with New York area law firms and attorneys, we know that your needs go beyond checking and savings accounts. From a tailored mix of cash flow solutions designed especially for attorneys, to escrow account management services, we use our experience to develop custom banking products that assist you in achieving your goals.

Whether you want to expand your business or help clients secure the right financing, we have the tools to help you succeed.

Smart Solutions for Your Practice or Firm

Whether you need an exceptional account for your growing practice or your established firm requires a checking account with more benefits, Dime has solutions for all types of businesses. Save time and money while growing your business.  A Dime relationship manager will help identify which checking account is right for your practice or firm.

We’ll Help You Manage Funds for Your Qualifying Clients

Dime offers Interest on Lawyer Accounts (IOLA) and Interest on Lawyer’s Trust Accounts (IOLTA) programs.  These accounts provide interest on client funds that wouldn’t normally earn adequate interest to offset the cost of managing the funds. Any earned interest on the account will be donated to the New York State IOLA Fund, which supports legal aid and law-related public interest programs. A Dime relationship manager will help identify which account type is right for you.

Take charge of your cashflow

For over 155 years, Dime has helped local businesses thrive.  We understand that you need access to working capital to help manage the fluctuating cash flow that naturally occurs in business. At Dime Community Bank, we make it easy to access that cash when you need it with a simple Business Line of Credit.1 We also provide business loans for equipment purchases and acquisitions.

Move Money Conveniently, Securely and Efficiently

You need the right tools to run your business and manage your cash flow as securely and efficiently as possible. That’s why Dime Community Bank works with you to provide Automated Clearing House (ACH) services to help you process your credit and debit transactions without the cost and time related to paper checks. If you issue or receive a high volume of checks, make payments, or process payroll, Dime has the right ACH solution for your business.

Dime Community Bank is a business partner committed to your success. Our relationship managers will help customize our ACH services to meet the needs of your practice or firm.

Improve Operational Efficiency and Profitability

Does your practice process a large number of receivables and payments by mail? Dime Community Bank has the right cash management solution for you. With our Lockbox Services, we’ll eliminate in-house processing costs, improve funds availability, and simplify your record keeping and reporting. Your customers simply send their payments to an address featuring your company name and lockbox number. We’ll deposit the check and provide the correspondence, remittance documents and deposit summaries to your business each day.

Our relationship managers will work with you to structure the right lockbox solution to meet your needs.

Protect Your Practice or Firm from Check Fraud

Managing payment processing and check reconciliation can be daunting for any business, especially at high volumes. Dime’s Check Positive Pay solution enables you to protect your business by mitigating check fraud and improving operational efficiency through automated check reconciliation. We’ll match each check processed and presented for payment against a list of checks issued by your business each day. If exceptions are found, we’ll report them to you for review, and you can make the final “go/no go” decision. We also provide ACH Positive Pay services.

The relationship managers at Dime Community Bank will help set up Positive Pay to protect your practice or firm for the future.

Save Time and Money When Depositing Checks

As a business owner, you don’t have time to run to the bank every day to deposit checks. Dime Community Bank’s Remote Deposit Capture enables you to scan and deposit checks whenever you want, right from the convenience of your own office. We’ll set you up with a Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) portable check scanner and software, so you can scan your checks, review the images, and transmit them through a secure website to us for processing.

At Dime Community Bank, our relationship managers will walk you through the process so you can get back to running your business.

Provide Your Customers with Convenience and Flexibility

As your business needs evolve, you need banking and payment solutions that will evolve with you. With Merchant Services from Dime, you can provide point-of-sale payment services for your customers with debit and credit cards without putting a drag on your business’s profitability. Our Merchant Services are a more affordable and effective solution to large merchant services providers, and you’ll get 24/7 local support — not some 800 number and a long wait time.

Dime Community Bank is committed to helping your practice or firm succeed, and our relationship managers will help you build the right Merchant Services solution for you.

Start and Grow Your Practice or Firm with an SBA Preferred Lender

As an SBA Preferred Lender, Dime moves you through the process faster. The Preferred Lender Program (PLP) is the highest level of approval and status that a lender can hold in the SBA loan program. Preferred lenders are chosen from among the SBA's best lenders and enjoy full delegation of lending authority.

Dime's Preferred Lender status ensures that your loan will not have to be approved directly by the SBA, only the bank. As a result, Dime can streamline the loan application approval process and move you quicker to closing.

The right technology

We deploy the latest technology to make banking faster, easier and smarter. Save time and money by managing your company’s finances and accounts anywhere, anytime through Dime’s digital channels.

¹Subject to Dime approval.

²Must have Dime Online Banking for Business to use Dime Business Mobile Banking. The Dime Business Mobile Banking App is available for select mobile devices. Dime Business Mobile Banking is a free service from Dime. However, your mobile carrier may charge for data and text message usage.