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Once upon a time, doing the laundry was boring. But ever since the Williams sisters opened Celsious, doing the wash has taken on a whole new meaning.

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Poke Coffee

Poke Coffee is the perfect spot for coffee lovers. Thanks to Dime, their business is growing.

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Mt. Ararat Bakery

For over 42 years, Mt. Ararat Bakery has been providing baked goods to Queens. This is the bakery that invented barbari bread, which is their number 1 seller today. Don’t ask for the recipe, though. It’s top secret.

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Midnights Restaurant

The team behind Midnights Restaurant are an ambitious bunch. For them, the excitement of owning and running a restaurant is too big to limit them to just one establishment. They’re growing their brand to add cafes, bars and more. And Dime has been there right alongside.

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Inspired by European fashion, Orly brings handpicked pieces from around the world directly to Brooklyn. Find out how the husband and wife duo got started and what they love most about being a small business in New York.

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John's Gourmet Foodservice

We’re John and Liza Burdo of John’s Gourmet Foodservice, providing high quality produce to restaurants, stores, hotels, and supermarkets throughout New York. By partnering with Dime, the risk of building and expanding our business has been made significantly easier.