CEO Message

Message From The CEO

Dear Neighbor:

If you’re looking for a secure, independent, community-focused bank – a bank you can count on – then Dime is the right bank for you. While other institutions have come and gone, or endured roller-coaster swings in customer confidence, Dime has been steadily delivering what sensible customers want most: safety, stability, and a solid return on their money. Just as we’ve done for over 150 years.

I invite you to stop by any of our 27 branch offices in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and in Nassau County, and judge Dime for yourself. You’ll find a courteous welcome, a helping hand, and an abiding commitment to you and your community. That’s the way banking is supposed to be. And that’s the way banking still is, at Dime.

Sincerely yours,
Vincent F. Palagiano
Chairman of the Board & CEO