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Earn a great rate!

DimeDirect® Money Market

Six Reasons To Open A DimeDirect Money Market Today

1. Open an account in just minutes.

2. Low minimum balance to open of only $1,000.

3. There are no monthly fees.

4. You can make up to 6 withdrawals per month.

5. Free online and mobile banking.

6. It's available nationwide.


Why open a money market account?

A money market account is a great way to receive more interest with less risk. Whether you're trying to balance out an investment portfolio or just trying to grow your hard-earned money, a money market account is a good liquid option between a traditional savings account and a certificate of deposit.

Why Dime Community Bank?

For over 150 years, Dime has been providing the right products and services to help individuals achieve their financial goals. We take that responsibility seriously and are committed to helping you achieve yours. As a trusted community bank, we are actively involved in our communities and value these relationships.

All Dime accounts are FDIC insured, so you can rest assured your money is safe and secure.

No Fees - No Surprises

Not only does the DimeDirect Money Market Account feature a great rate, there are no monthly fees, no hidden fees and no hoops to jump through. Just an account that will help you grow your money in a steady, safe and secure manner.

Money Market FAQs

Is there a penalty to close the DimeDirect Money Market Account or fees to withdraw money?
  • There is no penalty to close a DimeDirect Money Market Account. You can make up to six withdrawals per monthly statement cycle without any penalties or fees.
How are withdrawals made with the DimeDirect Money Market?
  • Withdrawals from the DimeDirect Money Market Account are made via the external transfer feature through the Dime online banking. To set up an external transfer to and from another financial institution, please follow the below:
    • Log into your Dime online banking
    • Click the Pay and Transfer tab
    • Under External Transfers click Make An External Transfer
    • Click Add External Account
    • You will then be asked to confirm your identity by receiving a call at the telephone number we have on file
    • The external financial institution can then be added
    • Small dollar amount deposits will be sent electronically to that institution
    • When the deposits are ready to be confirmed you will receive an email
    Once confirmed the external transfer feature can be utilized. Wire transfers are not allowed unless in person at one of our 29 branch locations. We cannot accept wire instructions via telephone, email or fax.
How is the interest calculated on a DimeDirect Money Market Account?
  • The interest on the DimeDirect Money Market Account is compounded daily and credited monthly. It is a variable rate account and can be changed at any time.
Is there a minimum balance requirement for the DimeDirect Money Market Account?
  • There is no minimum requirement for the DimeDirect Money Market Account, however, the minimum amount to open is $1,000.
Can the DimeDirect Money Market Account be titled in the name of a trust?
  • We cannot offer to title the DimeDirect Money Market Account in the name of a trust, however, the trust can be set up as a beneficiary.


Learn more by taking an in-depth look at Dime's Money Market Account.

1The DimeDirect Money Market Account interest rates and APYs (Annual Percentage Yields) vary with the balance. As of 01/12/18, the APY on balances up to $500,000 is 1.35%. For balances over $500,000, the APY is 0.20%. The interest rates and APYs are established at our discretion, are variable, and are subject to change at any time without notice or limit. Minimum balance to open is $1,000, and there is a maximum opening balance of $500,000. There are no monthly minimum balance fees, but any other fees assessed may reduce the earnings on the account. Dime reserves the right to cancel or modify this offer at any time without notice and to limit the number of accounts opened. A total of six transfers or payments in the aggregate per monthly statement cycle [this includes pre-authorized, automatic, and telephone transfers by check, draft, or similar order (e.g., electronic bill payments)]. This offer is limited to one per household and is only available to consumer accounts. Please call us with any questions, at 1-800-321-3463. New Money Only. FDIC-insured on balances up to $250,000.