Dime Business Debit Mastercard®

The power of a single tap



  • CardValet app
    Gives you 24/7 control over how and where your card is used along with spend alerts to reduce risk.
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  • Load it in your digital wallet
    Use Dime Debit Mastercard to pay with your smartphone.

  • Contactless tap & go
    Allows for faster checkouts and better security. Use anywhere you see the Contactless symbol at checkout.

  • More ways to pay
    Use your card online, set up auto bill pay, or pay with a swipe.

  • ID theft protection
    Expert assistance for victims of identity theft.

  • Make recordkeeping simple
    Funds are deducted directly from your account, which you can see online and on the mobile app.

  • Fraud monitoring text alerts
    With Dime Fraud Monitoring, you’ll receive a text message if our system detects suspicious activity on your card.

  • Mastercard Easy Savings
    Get valuable rebates when you spend for your business at over 45,000 vendors nationwide.

  • Global service
    24-hour assistance with lost and stolen cards, emergency card replacement, and cash advances worldwide.

  • Cards for employees
    Control account access and spending limits to help employees pay for routine business expenses.

Dime Business Debit Mastercard
The Dime Business Debit Mastercard® gives you:
  • Mastercard cloud-based receipt management
  • MasterRental Insurance - vehicle rental of up to 31 days
  • Intuit QuickBooks discount
  • TurboTax discount
  • Salesforce Essentials discount
  • Microsoft 365 discount
  • And more

Please see the Mastercard Guide to Benefits for Small Business for details on your Dime Business Debit Mastercard.

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