Dime Community Bank is committed to your security.

Dime’s Annual Security Message

At Dime, we take your security, and the security of your accounts very seriously. As you know, fraudsters and their scams are on the rise. We’d like to make sure you’re armed with the right information to help prevent you from becoming a victim.

Be Aware of current scams

  1. Fraudsters will pose as Dime or our financial partners (Zelle, etc.) by reaching out to you via phone, text, and email.
  2. Fraudsters will create fake websites and links to lure you to perform an online transaction.
  3. Fraudsters will pose as Dime or its partners to contact you to pay with a gift card.
  4. Fraudsters will “spoof” the Dime customer contact phone number to call you and pose as Dime. They will try to gain access to your login information, and ultimately your accounts..

Samsung Pay tokenization card fraud

Fraudsters are requesting assistance over the phone to get tokenization assistance with Samsung Pay. This is an attempt to obtain debit card access for Dime accounts.

Please be aware of the possible red flags associated with this event:

  • Request to update phone numbers or any other changes to account
  • Samsung tokenization assistance
  • Notification of travel to Florida and/or Illinois

If you notice any of these red flags, please visit your closest Dime branch. Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Support Center at 800-321-3463 for further assistance.

Dime and our partners will NEVER contact you asking for security information or require you to perform a transaction.

If you receive a call from Dime that you are not expecting, hang up immediately. Then call Dime at 800-321-3463 to verify it is a Dime representative.

Use caution before accessing links found online or providing information.

  • Use known links to access businesses online
  • Beware of requests to download apps to fix issues on sites
  • Verify any phone, text or email contacts are legitimate before sharing information such as:
    • One-time passcode
    • If you receive a one-time passcode you did not initiate. Please do not provide the code to anyone who contacts you requesting it.
    • Existing security word (i.e. mother’s maiden name)
    • PIN number
    • Online User ID or online password
    • Your account number

Our top priority is providing a secure environment for our customers. That’s why we use industry-accepted practices, safeguards and technology to protect your financial information.

To help keep you informed about how to protect your personal and financial information. We have created the Dime Security Center as a forum for providing helpful information and important safety tips.

Keeping You Secure

  • Online Security
  • Passwords
  • PC Security
  • SSL Certificate & 128-bit Encryption
  • Mobile Security
  • Business Integrity Hotline

Helping You Avoid Fraud

  • Reporting Fraudulent or Suspicious Activity
  • Monitoring and Detecting Fraudulent or Suspicious Activity
  • How To Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft
  • How To Avoid Phishing Schemes
  • How To Avoid Website Spoofing
  • How To Avoid Social Engineering Attacks

Additional Resources To Help You