Dime Debit Mastercard

It's easy as tap and go.



  • CardValet
    Gives you 24/7 control over how and where you use your card, and provides spend alerts to reduce risk.
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  • Extended Warranty*
    Doubles the original manufacturer’s warranty for eligible items purchased with your Mastercard.

  • Chip card security 
    Chip card technology ensures your transactions  are more secure.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee**
    Covers most purchases up to $250 if the cardholder is dissatisfied with a product. Must be within 60 days of purchase and the merchant will not accept returns.

  • Zero liability protection
    Protects you if your card is lost or stolen.

  • Load it in your digital wallet
    Use Dime Debit Mastercard to pay with your smartphone.

  • ID theft protection
    Provides expert guidance and support for victims of identity theft.

  • More ways to pay
    Use your card online, set up auto bill pay, or pay with a tap or swipe.

  • Fraud monitoring text alerts
    With Dime Fraud Monitoring, you’ll receive a text message if our system detects suspicious activity on your card.

  • Make recordkeeping simple
    Funds are deductible directly from your account, which you can see online and on the mobile app.

  • Global service
    Receive 24-hour support with lost and stolen cards. Plus emergency card replacement, and cash advances worldwide.

Please see the Mastercard Guide to Benefits for debit cardholders for details on your Dime Debit Card.

*Terms, conditions, limitations and in some cases enrollments are available – please see the Mastercard Guide to Benefits for Debit Cardholders. 

**You’re not responsible for unauthorized transactions that you promptly report to us if you have taken ordinary care of your card and PIN.