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A message from the CEO
Dear Neighbor: If you’re looking for a secure, independent, community-focused bank – a bank you can count on – then Dime is the right bank for you. While other institutions have come and gone, or endured roller-coaster swings in customer confidence, Dime has been steadily delivering what sensible customers want most: safety, stability, and a solid return on their money. Just as we’ve done for over 150 years. I invite you to stop by any of our 28 branch offices in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Nassau County and Suffolk County, and experience Dime for yourself. You'll find a courteous welcome, a helping hand, and an abiding commitment to you and your community. That's the way banking is supposed to be. And that's the way banking still is at Dime.

Sincerely yours,

Kenneth J. Mahon

Kenneth J. Mahon
Chief Executive Officer
Dime Community Bank
Building on over 150 Years of Trust, Service and Tradition

In 1864, the era of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, a new savings bank opened for business in a ferry terminal on Kent Avenue in Brooklyn. Many other banks have opened in New York City since then, and many have closed. But Dime Community Bank has stood the test of time. Today, more than 150 years since our founding, we’re stronger than ever. That’s an achievement worth celebrating.

Dime by the Numbers

Dime Community Bank has called Brooklyn home for over 150 years. That kind of tenure in the same location has given us a chance to get to know our neighborhood, and note a lot of interesting changes over the years. Being here has also given us some perspective when it comes to the unique financial challenges of living in the city, and the many ways that has changed and empowered us — both as bankers and neighbors.

As a bank that remembers what mortgage and rent prices were like not so long ago, as well as way back in the early 1900s, we’re in a unique place to offer some insight and help for some of our residents’ biggest financial concerns and questions.

Our neighborhood saw one of the first bank credit card transactions in 1946, and to come from that to a time where now almost 30% of Brooklyn renters spend more than half of their income on rent, we believe it’s given us the right experience to be one of the most knowledgeable and effective banking partners our customers count on. In recognition of our 150th anniversary, we created a commemorative infographic. We invite you to explore some of the biggest highlights.

Click here to check out the infographic showing Dime by the numbers.

Dime Customer Success
Helping grow Brooklyn’s small businesses for more than 150 years

Discover how Dime has been helping small businesses in our community achieve their dreams and reach their goals.