Social Responsibility & Community Involvement

Reinvesting in our communities:

Every year, we invite you—our community members—to send us a video or photo telling us what they’re thankful for, and the name of the charity you support. For every video we’ll donate $15, and for every photo, we’ll donate $10. Last year, #DimeGivesBack raised over $20,000 to support over 50 local community nonprofit organizations. We’re doing it again this year.

We don’t just talk about community involvement

We live it. Our Dime employee volunteer program, #DimeDay, is our way of directly serving the communities around us. Throughout the year, we coordinate service opportunities and then provide our employees paid time out of the office to participate. Whether serving the homeless, helping our veterans, or cleaning up our parks and greenspaces, #DimeDay is when we roll up our sleeves and get involved, shoulder to shoulder with our neighbors.

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