eStatements enrollment

Electronic Statements & Delivery

eStatements are a digital rendition of your traditional paper-based account statements. This convenient and efficient electronic format allows you to access and manage your financial records online. With eStatements, you have the freedom to save, print, and retrieve up to 24 months of bank statements, giving you an organized and easily accessible archive of your financial history.

Features & Benefits

Why Should I Enroll in eStatements?

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Avoid Paper Clutter

With eStatements, you can effortlessly eliminate the paper clutter that often accumulates in your workspace, thus reducing the need for physical storage space and the associated costs. By opting for our digital statement delivery, you will have instant access to your important financial documents at any time and from any device.

Eliminate Paper Waste

Promote sustainability and reduce your ecological footprint. By eliminating paper waste, we can collectively make a significant impact on the environment. Switching to eStatements not only reduces our reliance on trees and energy-intensive paper production processes but also minimizes carbon emissions associated with transportation and waste disposal.

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Stop Mail Theft

Protect your personal information and safeguard against mail theft by switching to eStatements. Traditional paper statements can be easily stolen from mailboxes, putting your sensitive data at risk. By opting for eStatements, you eliminate the risk of physical theft and ensure that your financial documents are delivered directly to your secure online account. With advanced encryption and digital security measures in place, eStatements provide a safe and convenient way to manage your financial information.

Frequently Asked Questions

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