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Grow your business with an SBA Loan.

Dime has been helping businesses grow for over 150 years.

If you're a small business that's just getting off the ground, looking to expand or better manage cash flow, an SBA loan can be a smart way to go. And there's no better bank to go to than Dime. We've helped many small businesses fund growth and take their businesses to the next level.

Backed by the SBA. Made easy by Dime.

If you think you may have a hard time qualifying for a business loan, think again. SBA loans are backed by the Small Business Administration. So it's easier for us to lend and easier for you to borrow. SBA loans from Dime give you the benefit of: lower rates, lower monthly payments and longer repayment terms and are available up to $5 million.

If you have a new business, limited liquidity or are light on collateral, don't be discouraged. The SBA specialists at Dime can show you why an SBA loan can be a good option, then quickly and easily structure a loan that's right for you and your business.1

What can I use an SBA loan for?

You can use an SBA loan for a wide variety of business needs. Like hiring new employees, purchasing inventory or equipment, acquiring a new building or even consolidating debt.

Use your SBA loan for:

Owner-occupied real estate

Business expansion

Business start-ups or acquisitions

Franchise financing

Inventory, machinery or equipment

Debt refinancing

Improvements and renovations

Working capital

Is getting an SBA loan complicated?

At Dime, our team of SBA specialists makes borrowing easier and more convenient for you. We're experienced SBA lenders. We know the rules and regulations and can walk you through each step of the way, from application to closing. As a businessperson, you will like the fact that we're fast, flexible and easy to do business with.

How much can I borrow?

With an SBA 7(a) loan, you can borrow a maximum loan amount of $5 million.1 You can obtain more than one SBA loan at a time as long as you have no more than $5 million in SBA debt at any given time.

Your first step is to have an idea of what you'll use the funds for and how much you'll need. Then it's time to meet with a Dime SBA banker to help you start the application process.

Meet with a Dime SBA specialist today.

Our SBA specialists take the time to know your needs, strategy, customers, challenges and what makes your business unique. And because our SBA specialists are just around the corner, we've got a pulse on local market conditions. That means we can be fast, flexible and get you what you need, when you need it.

Call Robert Dwyer at 718-782-6200 ext. 5650

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Meet with one of our SBA specialists today.
You'll be surprised just how fast, easy and smart an SBA loan can be.

1 Subject to Dime approval.

Questions? Give us a call! 1-800-321-DIME(3463)