Dime community bank

Receive Instant Payments (RTP® & FedNow®)

The RTP® & FedNow® services are new instant payment platforms provided by The Clearing House and the Federal Reserve. These services expand real-time payments nationwide, providing a platform that is secure, efficient, and available at any time. Instant payments on these networks enhance efficiency by accelerating transactions and simplifying the payment process among consumers, businesses, and government agencies. Instant availability and payment confirmation empower both senders and receivers to monitor the payment status closely, enabling quick access to funds. By being a Dime customer, you can now receive instant payments through the RTP and FedNow services.

Explore the many benefits of instant payments:

  • Loans
    Consumers who need short-term loans in an emergency can benefit from real-time payments.
  • Earned Wage Access
    Access to earned wages or real-time pay helps workers during difficult economic times.
  • Merchant Funding
    Real-time payments allow merchants to receive their funds 24/7, improving cash flow and removing payment delays.
  • Mortgages
    Real-time payments streamlines the real-estate closing process, and increases customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions