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Online Banking
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Committed to Your Security

At Dime Community Bank, providing a secure environment for our customers is a top priority. That’s why we use industry-accepted practices, safeguards and technology to protect your financial information.

To help keep you informed about how to protect your personal and financial information, we have provided the Dime Security Center as a forum for providing helpful information and important safety tips. Please read the information provided on this page, as well as the other accompanying resources throughout this website. For ease of navigation, please use the navigational headings located on the left margin of this site to navigate from page to page.

Keeping You Secure

  • Online Security
  • Passwords
  • PC Security
  • SSL Certificate & 128-bit Encryption
  • Mobile Security
  • Business Integrity Hotline

Helping You Avoid Fraud

  • Reporting Fraudulent or Suspicious Activity
  • Monitoring and Detecting Fraudulent or Suspicious Activity
  • How To Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft
  • How To Avoid Phishing Schemes
  • How To Avoid Website Spoofing
  • How To Avoid Social Engineering Attacks

Recommended Browsers

  • Dime Website
  • Dime Online Banking for Consumers
  • Dime Online Banking for Business

Additional Resources To Help You

  • Internet Banking Security Resources
  • Dime Privacy Policy
  • Dime Electronic Disclosure and Consent Agreement

Risk Assessment and Controls Evaluation

The following e-banking risk assessment and controls evaluation is provided to assist commercial Internet banking users in identifying threats and measure the strength of their controls.